Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

Being a vegetarian does not mean you have to look high and low struggling to find great recipes anymore that will fit into your diet. Now there are endless choices for vegetarians to find to provide them with a variety for meals and snacks during the week. Breakfast is not only the single most important meal of the day, but it can be rather simple to create even for a vegetarian.

Vegetarian breakfast ideas do not have to be limited anymore. While most look forward to a big breakfast on the weekends of bacon, sausage or eggs, for a vegetarian this is not an appetizing meal. Instead, you must for look for all the options and not box yourself in with just fruits or whole grains. Some choices are cereals, this can come with or without fruit. Hot cereals tend to bode additional nutritional content over the cold cereals, but cold cereals can also provide your body with protein and the daily amounts of fiber that it needs to keep a healthy digestive tract.

If you happen to be a very rushed person in the mornings, you can always grab a muffin or bagel on your way out the door. A protein shake from any local health food store can also do the trick. Having nuts and granola snacks ready for the morning can also be very beneficial for those with little time in the mornings to still get in some form of nutritional content to have a more productive day. Oatmeal is not your old fashioned breakfast anymore either. All vegetarians should consume some form of oatmeal for several reasons. The first is the protein and fiber it can give the body and the second is the excellent benefit oatmeal has to lower cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy heart. A nice cup of fruit juice such as grapefruit juice and a handful of nuts can be a much better way to start the day off right for a vegetarian over not eating any breakfast at all. Look online for various other vegetarian breakfast ideas that are all free!


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