Simple Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy People

Here are 3 simple ways to make healthier eating choices next time you are faced with the common breakfast dilemma.  If you are focused on counting calories and either losing weight or managing your weight, breakfast can get you into serious trouble if you don't adhere to some of the following tips:

1. Pre-Make Foods the Night Before-
Instead of grabbing a high-fat donut or danish  on the way to work, try keeping a bag of dry cheerios, almonds, or unsalted nuts in the car. Enjoy consuming 50% less calories!

2. Just Cause You are There, You Don't Have to Eat It! -
Your taste buds will be singing for the high-fat selections, but that will pass in a few minutes. Be strong and make the healthy decision- you will feel great about it all day!

3. Master Your Sit-Down Breakfast Ordering -
When you are dining out for breakfast, try to have a consistent meal you order regardless of the location; and MASTER the way you order it. For example, the common 2 eggs, homefries, toast, bacon breakfast can be made healthier by simply ordering it this way:    2 Egg-Whites (lower cholesterol and sodium), Homefries Steamed (not cooked in grease and butter so you will consume less fat, sodium, and overall calories), Dry Toast (means no butter, so you will consume less fat, sodium, and overall calories), and the choice of meat is up to you.

Just because you have a breakfast appointment or stop for breakfast, at the greasiest place in town, doesn't mean you have to order the worst item on the menu! I hear this so many times:  "Well, since we are here I may as well order the____________"  Get away from this way of thinking as quickly as you can and stay focused on low-fat, lower-calorie selections on the menu.

Grab and go is a pretty common scenario for most households, and there is a simple way to avoid grabbing the wrong foods. Try this:  before you go to sleep tonight, make sure you have a plate of fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, and fat-free granola read to go when you wake up tomorrow. The rule of thumb for breakfast:  If it's simple to prepare, you will eat it.


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