3 Simple and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

The most common reason for skipping breakfast or eating a high-fat breakfast is the lack of knowing how to eat healthier.For example, if I laid out an entire eating plan for you and all you had to do is follow it, life would be great. Sometimes it's not that simple, so here are 3 healthy breakfast ideas for you to get you started:

1. Granola and Fat Free Yogurt - My personal favorite! It's simple, tasty, and very healthy. Start off by getting Fat-Free plain yogurt and your choice of granola. Personally, I look for either high fiber, flaxseed added, or both. Once you have the ingredients, the recipe is simple. All you do is fill your bowl with yogurt and sprinkle a handful of granola on top. For additional great flavor, add fresh fruit!

One simple bowl can give you up to 25% of your entire day's recommended protein. The best part- you won't feel hungry after eating this healthy breakfast choice and the fiber and protein will give you that added "pep in your step" to make it through your day.

2. Fruitty Butter Shake - An excellent source of protein and a great way to start your day- not to mention one of the tastiest shakes you will ever eat! Put all or some of these ingredients into the blender: 10-15 blueberries, 5 strawberries, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, 1 teaspoon flaxseed, 3 tablespoons plain fat free yogurt. These are my favorites, please add or subtract to suite your needs.

This shake does wonders for your energy level and gets you through the day, feeling like you are literally on cruise control!

3. Veggie Shooter! - Everything you can imagine a protein shake being, and more! All you need is an open mind for this one, and get ready to watch your energy levels take off. Again, get the blender out and mix these ingredients: Squeeze 1/2 lemon into the blender and 1 full cup of water, then add chopped celery, cucumber, fresh spinach, carrots, and parsley. Liquify and enjoy!

I like to drink this 1 or 2 times per week. This ensures I am getting the necessary amounts of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Another benefit of this shake: you won't get that "full" feeling of a lead ball in your stomach, yet your body will be satisfied for the next few hours!


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